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The Mover Article

The Mover Article

10th of July, 2023


Having built a close relationship with the charity following personal connections to the cause, the business run by siblings Jo and Kris Munro also plans to deliver a series of employee-led fundraising campaigns for Breast Cancer UK throughout 2023. 

One of the biggest sources of leads for Broughton Removals is from customers seeing the vans on the street, which inspired the company to change the usual design to raise awareness of breast cancer, which affects one in seven women, and encourage people to donate to the charity. 

Edinburgh-based family firm Broughton Removals Limited has launched a new drive to raise awareness of breast cancer, having secured £200,000 from the Royal Bank of Scotland to fund a new fleet of vans, one of which will feature special pink livery to promote the charity Breast Cancer UK.  The vans, which are lower in emissions than the previous fleet, continue a commitment to sustainability. The business already runs a box recycling programme where all used boxes can be picked up for free and then reused or recycled, with nothing going to landfill. 

Investment in greener transport is a pressing priority for many businesses across the Scottish capital with emissions charges set to be introduced in Edinburgh next year. Through the funding deal, Broughton Removals has identified an opportunity to support an important cause whilst meeting the upcoming legal requirements.