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Declutter Storage & Collection Edinburgh

declutter storage and collection edinburgh

When you are planning to move out or selling your house, decluttering becomes one of the most important tasks before putting your house on the market.

Customers naturally want to present their homes in the best possible light by undertaking a declutter prior to listing their house. With this in mind many customers understand that their worldly possessions are what others would perceive as clutter. This can detract from someone seeing your house in the "best light".

By decluttering your home you can sell your house quicker, as you will create a more airy and clear feel which will be more appealing to potential buyers. It has the added benefit that deciding what not to take with you will make your move easier, quicker and cheaper too.

declutter storage and collection edinburgh

Can Someone Do It For Me?

Yes, Broughton Removals work with LIFE / EDIT Home Organisation, Scotland's leading decluttering and organising company who can help you do exactly this. And even better - if you work with LIFE / EDIT, you get £50 off your removal costs as well as storage at Broughton for £10 a week instead of £12 a week.

declutter storage and collection edinburgh

How Does It Work?

It is a simple process.

  • LIFE / EDIT work with you to declutter and 'home stage' your home
  • They take away anything you want to get rid of for recycling and donation
  • Anything you want to keep in storage, we look after for you
  • We deliver (or you can collect) packing boxes and tape from our office.
  • You and the LIFE / EDIT team fill up the boxes with your belongings and seal them.
  • We collect the boxes and any agreed goods to be stored
  • The goods are loaded directly into a container and our staff will make an inventory of the goods on collection and this will be taken to our storage facility