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If you are moving overseas, Broughton Removals can offer you the confidence in a quality removal service through our network of international contacts regardless of how big or small your removal is. We will assist you with every stage of your move. With over 30 years experience in the specialist sector of international removals you can be assured you are in safe hands.

International Removals | Relocation Services Scotland | Broughton Removals


Your move starts with a free, no obligation, pre-move survey at your home at a time that suits you. Mr David Woodhouse will assess the volume of your goods, packing requirements and transit methods. Every aspect of your move from the packing to customs documentation will be addressed, tailoring your removal around your own specific requirements and answering any questions or concerns you may have.

He will discuss the most suitable method of transportation depending on speed and price. Transit times vary depending on what part of the world you are moving to and can be affected by bad weather and delays at ports and customs. Ocean freight transit may require up to 3 months from date of loading and include tranship to a deep sea port.

If you only have a small consignment or need your goods quickly, you may opt for the more cost effective method of airfreight. In this case your shipment is handed over to our airfreight agents who will ensure your goods are securely loaded into the hold of the appropriate aircraft, unloaded and handed over to our agents for delivery to your door.


Our quotation is based on a fixed price 'door-to-door' service using our network of reputable overseas agents.

Our quotation has all the elements of your removal including professional packing and wrapping service, loading into the appropriate container or wooden cases, freight charges to the best port in your new country of residence, normal customs clearance, local port service/terminal handling and delivery to your new residence by our recommended agents.

International Removals | Relocation Services Scotland | Broughton Removals

International Removals | Relocation Services Scotland | Broughton Removals


We continually review and train our employees on the best packing and loading techniques for overseas shipments avoiding the possibility of damage while your goods are in transit. However as international moves take more time over longer distances it does make damage more of a possibility. We offer an optional insurance service providing added peace of mind for your goods during transit. This is an additional cost calculated on a percentage of your declared value of goods. You can avail of this service by declaring all of your goods or limiting to specific items of high value.

As our customer, we can provide cartons for you to pre-pack your miscellaneous effects or alternatively you can avail of our full packing service. Our packing service ensures that our removal crew will pack your miscellaneous effects into a variety of appropriate cartons, marking and identifying as directed by you. An inventory will be taken of your goods and a copy will be provided as a receipt on removal day.

Your effects will be loaded into the chosen method of shipment and transported to the port of exit. Insurance sub heading (left) is quoted as per international move separately.


Secure storage of your goods can be provided at any stage of your removal in our warehouse. We provide 24 hour security and alarmed systems for your most valued possessions. A computerised management system means that we can locate your goods at any time for speed of shipping or delivering.


Your goods will be taken to the port and loaded onto the feeder vessel for transhipment to the port of embarkation where it will be loaded onto the deep sea vessel for its onward journey. At all stages of your move, our co-ordinator will keep you advised of estimated shipping times, unforeseen delays, overseas agent contact details and all the customs documentation required for your goods to enter into your new country of residence.


Our experienced Move co-ordinators at home and abroad are in constant communication ensuring that we are there at every stage of your removal and from collection to delivery your move is smooth and stress free. Our international agents throughout the world can give you the same quality of service you expect from ourselves. Our agent will have experience and local knowledge to guide you through the import documentation, customs procedures, storage (if required) and arrange a suitable date for delivery. Our agent will transfer your goods from the port of entry to your advised delivery address. The removal crew will unwrap, unpack and place your goods in your new home as directed by you. The used packaging will be removed from your residence on the day of delivery for recycling. To enable us to provide you with the most precise quote we would recommend getting Mr Woodhouse out for a free no obligation quotation or completing our online self estimate form which will allow us to give you a guide price.

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